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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Themes & designs included with every E-zekiel plan.

E-zekiel includes web designs and themes in every plan. Just choose a design and start building your site right away.

Themes for your website.

We've released some incredible themes that take advantage of the modern Web, making your site beautiful, more useful and interactive. You'll continue to see more below as they're released.



Resound offers a modern take on retro. Jewel-like colors are used throughout the design bringing life and energy to every aspect of this theme.
Resound Welcome
Resound: Welcome
Resound Sections
Resound: Sections
Resound Events
Resound: Events
Resound Media
Resound: Media


With a lightness and softness in color scheme, Reveal provides a peaceful, contemplative background for reaching your audience.
Reveal Welcome
Reveal: Welcome
Reveal Sections
Reveal: Sections
Reveal Events
Reveal: Events
Reveal Media
Reveal: Media

Urban Renew

Urban Renew plays off of a monochromatic core, then adds gleams of authentic hope and encouragement with bursts of contrasting color.
Urban Renew Welcome
Urban Renew: Welcome
Urban Renew Sections
Urban Renew: Sections
Urban Renew Events
Urban Renew: Events
Urban Renew Media
Urban Renew: Media


Tempo offers an upbeat, clean design that's easy to read and navigate and also offers a right column to highlight  useful information.
Tempo Welcome
Tempo: Welcome
Tempo Sections
Tempo: Sections
Tempo Events
Tempo: Events
Tempo Media
Tempo: Media

Muse Sky

Offer a bit of reverence with this beautiful sky image mixed with a well balanced, open layout with strong branding and pops of color.
Muse Sky Welcome
Muse Sky: Welcome
Muse Sky Sections
Muse Sky: Sections
Muse Sky Events
Muse Sky: Events
Muse Sky Media
Muse Sky: Media

Muse Sea

Express your ministry culture with a blend of God's creation and a balanced layout that includes strong branding and bursts of color.
Muse Sea Welcome
Muse Sea: Welcome
Muse Sea Sections
Muse Sea: Sections
Muse Sea Events
Muse Sea: Events
Muse Sea Media
Muse Sea: Media


Catalyst has a humble, modern feel that welcomes site visitors and highlights your message through smart type and bold splashes of color.
Catalyst Welcome
Catalyst: Welcome
Catalyst Sections
Catalyst: Sections
Catalyst Events
Catalyst: Events
Catalyst Media
Catalyst: Media


Empario's vintage feel, subdued colors, rich textures and modern, open layout will make your site easy to read and a pleasure to browse.
Empario Welcome
Empario: Welcome
Empario Sections
Empario: Sections
Empario Events
Empario: Events
Empario Media
Empario: Media


Allegiant reflects the sincerity of the Christian message through a beautiful, sturdy theme with a lighthearted touch and splash of vibrancy. 
Allegiant Welcome
Allegiant: Welcome
Allegiant Sections
Allegiant: Sections
Allegiant Events
Allegiant: Events
Allegiant Media
Allegiant: Media


Sedona is relaxing. Warm earth tones provide a comforting connection. Larger text sizes and open columns make for effortless reading.
Sedona: Welcome
Sedona: Sections
Sedona: Events
Sedona: Media


Conversations brings a directness to this design dialogue. The urban tone gets noticed. Text and media pop brightly against a dark backdrop.
Conversations: Welcome
Conversations: Sections
Conversations: Events
Conversations: Media


With elements of parchment and paper, Profundo has a clean design and an open layout that clears the path for your site’s visitors.
Profundo: Welcome
Profundo: Sections
Profundo: Events
Profundo: Media


Finestra offers a contemporary feel and flexible layouts. Rich colors against a dark background add visual interest to draw attention to your content.
Finestra: Welcome
Sedona: Sections
Finestra: Events
Finestra: Media


Magnolia blends the craftsmanship of modern design with a reminiscent feel, expressing your message through warm colors and deep textures.
Magnolia: Welcome
Magnolia: Sections
Magnolia: Events
Magnolia: Media


A mix of design elements – color palettes, shapes, patterns – creates a visually appealing backdrop for your site’s content.
Discover (bus11re)
Strategy (bus12bl)
Voyage (bus02tn)
Perseverance (con14gl)
Build (mis04br)
Stand (gen17bl)
Together (gen19bl)
Direction (nat20bl)
Ambition (nat22gr)
Alpha and Omega (con23re)
Almighty (con23lb)


An assortment of images in these site designs helps express your church’s cultural identity.
Snapshot (mis03gr)
Aumento (gen05or)
Smiles (gen18gr)
Glory (mis02bl)
Harmony (mis01bl)
Tapestry (mis05gr)
Perspective (chi06br)
Majestic (eth01pl)


These site designs bring out elements of the natural world to bring more attention to your content.
Kindred (gen20bl)
Together (gen19bl)
Discovery (con13gr)
United (cla25bl)
Glisten (eas08br)
Cast (nat11bk)
Pursuit (nat15bl)
Direction (nat20bl)
Grounded (nat21br)
Harvest (nat23tn)
Diary (nat19gr)
Parchment (gen22br)
Enrich (nat18br)
Tranquil (nat13bl)
Thrive (nat17br)
Reflection (nat19db)
Stucco (nat24gl)


Churches have programs geared to different age groups or across age groups – and so do these page designs.
Mosaic (gnx25tn)
Chillax (gnx26bk)
Life (col08bl)
Graffiti (gnx27bl)
Vibe (you08bl)
Prime (sen01gr)
Little Hands (chi01bl)
Innocence (chi07or)
Blocks (chi08br)
Kid’s Place (pre01bl)
Playground (chi05pl)
Remember (chi06tn)
The Edge (you05or)
Smiles (gen18gr)
Harmony (mis01bl)
Kindred (gen20bl)
Perspective (chi06br)
New Song (con26bl)
Prime (cou03br)
Vanguard (gnx24bl)


Different times of year and events on the calendar call for designs just right for the season. Great for pages that highlight a particular event.
Roots (spr04br)
New Day (cla21gr)
Engrave (chr08gr)
Candlelight (chr09gr)
Letters (chr07bl)
Trumpet (chr07pl)
Ribbon (chr07re)
Tulips (eas05pk)
Rouge (nat14re)
Garden (nat16bl)
Sunflower (nat19ye)
Harvest (nat23tn)
Radiant (nat19or)
Thrive (nat17br)
New Day (eas01gr)
United (cla25bl)