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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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E-zekiel Themes
The development of themes is a natural outgrowth of everything we’ve learned over the last twelve years about web design. We looked for ways to improve the presentation of your message and how to make it easier for you to manage your site’s appearance. We’re excited about the results. Themes will change the way you use E-zekiel and the way your visitors and members use your website.
As revolutionary as this sounds, themes are only the beginning. There’s more to come. Soon you’ll have more ways to improve the delivery and presentation of your message on the web – to help you measure, track and improve how well your site looks, works, and engages your members and visitors. And we’ll continue to introduce more new themes along the way. (View the E-zekiel themes currently available.)
E-zekiel theme previews

What are themes?

Themes bring pixel-crafted, thoughtful design to your ministry website. Each theme offers a story for you to build on, color palettes to fuse with your own, and subtle, yet highly detailed textures to enrich the entire experience for your members and visitors. Themes master the balance of beautiful design, usability and continuity for your site.
Each theme is a collection of four beautiful web page layouts – traditionally called “designs” in E-zekiel. What’s different is that each layout includes unique attributes for different types of content. So your photo albums, for example, have a little more room to look beautiful. And your calendar pages have an incredibly clean layout that brings your events into focus.
To help you get started with themes, we’ve put together a Style Guide for each new theme. Style Guides include colors and fonts used, widths of columns and suggestions on where each layout can best serve your needs. Because themes are flexible, though, you can choose where to use any theme layout within your site.
E-zekiel themes offer greater visual control for your website administrator too. Themes help keep your site’s pages visually consistent with consistent navigation. Yet your website editors still have the flexibility to choose a layout within the theme that best fits the content they’re editing. In the end, your site gets the best of both worlds – a congruent, beautiful website and happy editors with multiple choices in how their content is presented.

Moving to themes is easy (and free).

E-zekiel themes are free to every E-zekiel.com customer at every plan level. Updating your site to a theme is easy too. If you’re logged in as a website administrator or design coordinator, just take a look in the Designs manager under the new category called “themes”.
If you plan to use a theme, take a look (or download) the Style Guide. We suggest how to maximize the results of theme layouts – with minimal work. For example, use the “Sections” layout as your default design. You can then designate your home page to use the “Welcome” layout. If you’d like to enrich your site further, set the Albums manager and Media manager to use the “Media” layout and your Events manager to use the “Events” layout.
Adding the various layouts of a theme to the “Additional Designs” tab in the Design manager will make them available to your site editors. Once this is done, your site editors can choose any theme layout for the pages they’re editing – while maintaining a consistent look with global navigation.
If you need help getting set up with themes, visit the support site or contact Customer Service at 1-888-942-6607.