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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Church websites for moving ministry.
Tools for outreach. All within reach.
Tools for outreach. All within reach.

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Great for media-centric ministries. Quickly create a Web site with media sharing.

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What's E-zekiel?

E-zekiel is your hub for creating an incredible ministry Web site, easily sharing media, encouraging member involvement and spurring outreach. It's all from one place online with familiar tools and ego-boosting customer service along the way. Discover why thousands of churches and ministries have E-zekiel to manage their online communications. Have a question? Give us a ring (toll-free) at 1-888-942-6607.

Monthly Plans

Start with the plan that's right for you. Monthly plans include your own domain and email account(s). You can sign up now for as little as $12 a month with no contracts or commitments.
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Already have a Web site?

If you're already on the Web and are happy with everything about it, consider using E-zekiel.tv for sharing your Christian audio and video. Accounts on E-zekiel.tv are free and the number of files you can upload and share is unlimited.
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You're free to choose any plan with a trial account. You can decide later, if you upgrade, which plan fits your needs and budget.

If you decide E-zekiel is not right for you, you don't have to do anything. Once your trial expires, we'll remove the account for you.

If you can't live without E-zekiel and decide to upgrade, you can keep the work you've started on. Just choose "Upgrade Services" from the Account manager or touch base with customer service.


Powering thousands of ministry sites worldwide

E-zekiel helps pastors, secretaries, volunteers and communication directors at thousands of churches and ministries create and maintain a professional Web site and outreach programs with familiar tools and included Web site designs. It's all backed by a reliable, enterprise-grade infrastructure and ego-boosting customer service team.

Insights from Google

E-zekiel and Google Analytics (Free account with Google) together offer you incredible insight into what's working on your site. It easily enables you to see where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site so you can use visitor history to improve your site's future.

Create a media frenzy
on your own Web site

With tools to help you upload audio, video, photos, blogs and podcasts and then share them across your Web site and elsewhere on the Web (including E-zekiel.tv), you can teach (and entertain) right from your own Web site.

Flexible settings for site access and editing rights

Starting with the Essentials plan, E-zekiel can help you cluster people, pages and other content to manage who can access various areas of your Web site - and who can make changes to those areas.

Multiple ministries, one search friendly calendar

Promote upcoming services, concerts, dramas, mission trips and any other events across multiple ministries on one online user-searchable calendar. Perfect for one time or recurring events!

Full access to customer service and online resources

What good is trying out new software if you can't ask questions? We want your experience to be as successful as possible - so give us a call, email, or join us online anytime while evaluating E-zekiel.